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After four years of hard work and an unprecedented final semester, graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences are crossing the finish line. We can't wait to congratulate them in person, but for now, we hope familiar faces and messages from classmates can help mark this achievement. Many thanks to the graduating seniors who submitted these photos and videos. Congrats, #WashU20!

In your words: What places and moments will you remember?


"Ever since my first year, I've always sat at the same spot on Olin 2 and made a lot of memories there – especially writing my thesis! Honorable mention to the Bauer Hall Cafe and Starbucks for yummy food and kind people (especially LaTonya, Takira, and Darcy!!)" -Carolyn Roseman

"The crabapple tree just east of Olin Library and just north of the ginkgoes. I liked to climb up in it to sit and relax. It's like getting a comforting hug from nature." -Scott Hershberger

"Whispers café, especially the side facing the window. It's the ideal place to study, relax, and socialize with plenty of comfortable seating, natural light, and a nice view." -Noah Hagen

"Tisch Commons - the home of endless lunch dates, coffee chats, study seshes, and the backdrop to the magnificent pool table in the fun room :)" -Hanlu Jin

"My favorite place of campus is probably the middle of Mudd field. Here, you get the best 360 view of our gorgeous campus. Also Cherry tree because of the AMAZING desserts!" -Mikaela Arredondo

"My favorite place is hands down Brookings Quad! Every year I've looked forward to spending 2 weeks on the quad with my student theatre group All Student Theatre, and every year it is such a special experience to be able to to produce outdoor theatre with my best friends." -Mona Jahani

"My favorite place at Wash U is Olin. Olin represents not only where I studied my hardest, but also where I spent hours not studying when I should have been and being with my friends in Whispers. It really was the center of my experiences on campus and I will miss it so much." -Sydney Shaiman

"My favorite place on campus is the path on the east side of Mudd Field between Graham Chapel and Wrighton Hall. Walking across this path in evening and feeling the warmth of the sun setting over Seigle Hall made long days well worth it." -Emily Carnes

"I love studying on the 3rd floor of Olin, adjacent to the enormous window panes facing Graham Chapel. During Spring, I get a wonderful view of the campus, with students walking to class, the sun shining brightly, and the flowers and trees peacefully swaying in front of me." -Margaret Hua

"THE TREE between Olin and Cupples II some god forgot to adjust the width of when shrinking margins. We’re happy with the mistake – you can duck under its soul-smacking fountain of branches and enter a hidden green and white and pink cocoon for a deep breath from our busy campus." -Sam Gittleman

"BD (Bear's Den) and the South 40 are my absolute favorite places on campus. It’s there where I’ve met, bonded, and cherished many incredible relationships I’ll always carry with me." -Tyler Jordan

"There is nothing like walking through campus on a sunny, breezy morning with trees in full bloom. On those days, I loved sitting on the lawn chairs outside the DUC, the benches between Lopata and Cupples, or on the benches outside Graham Chapel." -Veda Bhadharla


"I love that first warm day. That day wedged sometime in February, or maybe March, or maybe even April when the winter lets up and the spring air is warm and the shivers turn to smiles. I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with this home as when hammocks stretch across the Mudd giants and lazy frisbees float. I visited as a high school senior on one of these days, and I've been hooked ever since." -Arjun Puri

"During my first year, right before the Debate, my suite flooded in Park. We had to move to a different dorm. What could have been a terrible week, turned out to be one of the best. It will always stand out as both the most chaotic and fun." -Jordan Phillips

"My favorite memories were praying with my Muslim brothers and sisters around campus, followed by post-prayer hangouts and meals." -Ali Elahi

"The 2016 Presidential Debate was one of the most unique experiences during my time at WashU. It was inspiring to see how civically engaged our campus and community became during that time." -Zach Vincent

"A spur-of-the-moment outing with friends to the City Museum. Learning, laughing, and eating pizza at Math Club. Throwing a frisbee on Mudd Field. Staying up late talking with my roommate." -Scott Hershberger

"Every year I’ve spent at WashU has been filled with friends, fun, and a lot of work. I found a home in Delta Gamma, surrounded by inspiring and powerful women. I never thought I would fall in love in undergrad... but I did. I am so thankful for WashU." -Celia Ernstrom

"Seeing Jason Derulo for freshman WILD, sledding on Art Hill on DUC trays, Burning Kumquat Hoedown,  ordering a small iced mocha with an extra shot every day in Whispers even though I couldn't afford it, lying on the grass on Mudd field when the sun was out." -Verma Manasvi

"Having my first ever college class in Busch 100; walking to class while it snowed; evening Dungeons & Dragons in the nearly empty DUC; Ibby's dinners with friends." -Grace Depperschmidt

"The first nice day of February, when the student body emerges from hibernation and all the friends you hadn’t seen in weeks are sprinkled across Mudd Field and frisbees are flying and hammocks unfurling and all is right in the world for an infinite afternoon." -Sam Gittleman

"I loved the small moments with my friends. Going at 11 pm to Mission Taco, movie nights, Friday dinner. I absolutely treasure every interaction that I was able to have with such amazing people." -Micah Goldson

"I led the banana chant as a FYX for Chancellor Wrighton's last day of move-in for the first years. It was the best feeling dancing with the student leaders in front of me and feeling proud of the hard work we put into making this day special for the first year students." -Hayley Emerson


groups of students sit in the grass under tall trees

Although our graduation from college is unconventional, we are all going to go on to accomplish amazing things, and that is what is going to define our legacy. It's been a tough but rewarding four years, and we have all earned the right to be proud of our accomplishments!

―Andrea BusicescuClass of 2020

#WashU20 Memories Live On

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